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AutoSexi, transfer from malaga airport to almuñecar service would like to give you a taste of the rich history of our home town Almuñécar, we are very proud of it and is therefore the reason for our name, AutoSexi, because Sexi or Ex is the name that the Phoenicians put to what was their first colony in Iberian territory.


The existence of human presence in Almuñecar dates back from the Bronze Age, approximately year 1500 A.C. It was not until the late ninth century BC that it received the arrival of the Phoenician settlers. These made Almuñécar an important nucleus thanks to agricultural activities and especially fish farming. Almuñecar had one of the architectural gems of that time, the fish salting factory, which dates back to the 7th century BC and was operative under Phoenician and Roman rule for over 8 centuries. On the basis of this activity, apart from other fish products, the much appreciated garum was produced, a fermented paste made with the viscera of fish and olive oil which was exported to the heart of Rome and consumed by the high society of That time.


Thus, upon the arrival of the Roman colonization, they found a city with a high productive and commercial activity as well as its own currency, with important buildings and infrastructures. The Romans renamed the municipality with the name of Sexi Firmum Lulium

The Romans continued with the expansion of buildings and structures, still visible today such as The Roman Aqueduct, San Miguel Castle and Siete Palacios Cave very close to the castle. Under the Roman rule, Almuñécar lived a time of social and economic splendor.


At the onset of the Muslim invasion, the city continued to retain great social and strategic importance. The Muslims introduced vegetables until then unknown in Europe as sugar cane (produced until very recent times) & bananas amongst others, but the fish production continued to be important. In addition, it became a defensive square of the territories of the Tarifa (administrative division) of Granada being the main coastal city of this reason by which the Castle of San Miguel was remodeled and extended. The city was given to Christian hands in the surrender of the coast of Granadina whose capitulations were signed in Almuñécar. Muslims, apart from a rich architectural heritage, agricultural, culinary, idiomatic, etc. left the current name Al-Munekab, which evolved to the current. Almuñécar, grateful of the inheritance received, gives homage to the great Emir Abderramán I who entered the peninsula by the coast of the locality in the year 755 D.C.

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Under Christian rule, the population lives a gradual decline. It is still an important center for agricultural and fish production as well as a defensive stronghold against harassment of pirates. Occasionally it was used by Christian kings, as with Muslims, as a place of leisure and rest due to its benign climate and scenic beauty. Nevertheless, the expulsion of the Muslims who obtained the maximum yield to the culture of the land and the resources of the zone as well as the different economic and production crises that struck Spain, equally affected to the locality so that the importance and splendor of other times was gradually diluted with time. Thus the last event of historical importance was the sad event of the French invasion of 1808, conflict that generated great damage of the monumental heritage, especially in the withdrawal of the Napoleonic troops in which left a trail of destruction and ruins as is the case Paradigmatic of the Castle of San Miguel.


Currently Almuñécar is a reference for certain tropical crops, forming an important part of the world’s largest production of cherimoya (Custard apple). In addition, its benign climate allows it to be the European locality with greater variety of palm trees (more than 180 species originating from the entire world), located mainly in the botanical garden of the Majuelo.

For the same reason as well as the beauty of its surroundings and the goodness of its people Almuñécar is an ideal place for leisure and rest for tourists looking to get away from terrible weather & enjoy the summer pleasures to the maximum on its clean beaches and hiding places You will be surprised to discover it’s beauty.

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