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Book your private transfer from Malaga Airport to Estepona with Autosexi. Estepona is a beautiful coastal city on the shores of the Mediterranean with a population of about 65,000 inhabitants it is located in the southwestern area of the province of Malaga and is integrated into the Western Costa del Sol, about 50 minutes drive from the International Airport Pablo Picasso in Malaga in a westerly direction, very close to the Rock of Gibraltar, Estepona’s characteristics as in nearly all of Andalusia their houses of one or two floors & of typical white color.

Estepona History – Prehistoric Times

It is known that there was already a settlement in prehistoric times, as flint tools have been found (a type of hard stone) and dolmens (megalithic monuments formed by large vertical stones that hold one or more horizontal) along the course of the Arroyo Vaquero, in the western area of the municipality.

There is not a clear idea of its origin; however it is very extended the hypothesis of the existence of an Iberian city with a natural harbor, today clogged, so that you can arrive at the conclusion of the Iberian oppidum of Salduba as the settlement of ancient times closer to the current town of Estepona, although remains of the Roman Empire have been found, as in the entire region of the Costa del Sol.

Estepona History – Muslims and Christians

From the Muslim era, we know the existence of the fortress called Al-extebunna, which derives from the name of the municipality. There is also evidence of an important naval battle on the year 1342 in waters near the coast of Estepona.

The population was reconquered by the Christians in the mid-1400s, at that time was sent to protect the coast with the construction of a new village and with the Catholic Kings (Ferdinand and Isabella) is submitted under the dependence of the neighboring town of Marbella to the reign of Philip V, and in 1729 some 500 locals received the received the letter Villazgo that is preserved even in the Consistory of the city.

Estepona History – From 19th century till now

From the 19th century, the population has grown and is now a popular tourist destination, and adapted precisely for this purpose, in addition to the magnificent beaches there are places of tourist interest such as:

  • Selwo Adventure Park: it is a zoo with a multitude of wild animals in semi-freedom, within a space adapted for them according to the characteristics of their natural habitats. It consists of some 100 hectares where there are more than 2,000 animals of more than 200 species, from hippos to all kinds of birds, lions, camels, etc, where you can also enjoy some shows and other attractions such as the zip wire or bungee jumping.
  • The marina with its bars and nightlife, especially in the summer months.
  • The Urban Murals: The municipality has more than 20 murals in different places, and among them is the largest in Spain in a building inhabited, because it occupies a total of 6 consecutive buildings.
  • Sierra Bermeja mountain range which is a system which constitutes the Southwest side of the Serrania de Ronda, and dominates the western part of the Costa del Sol Estepona to Marbella. This is the largest global peridotiticas rocks rich in iron and platinum. The rocks have a characteristic color and hence its name. The most notable peaks are the hills Abanto and the actual peak with 1,508 and 1,449 meters above sea level, respectively.

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